CoBattery with Battery

Never plug in your iPhone again.

CoBattery is a case with a swappable battery that keeps your phone charged, no matter what you get up to.

Two batteries included.

While you use your phone, your second battery is charging at home.

Swapping takes seconds and each battery has enough charge for a full day.

Heavier than a feather, barely, CoBattery weighs under 5 oz.
Raised edges protect your phone from dings, divots and drops.
Two Batteries
Your extra battery has a friend. We call it the buddy system.
Custom designed connector for power without the bulge.
Risk Free Trial
You'll love CoBattery. If you don't? Send it back before 30 days.
Full Warranty
Sometimes life happens. We include a one year warranty.

The world's sexiest connector.

Our custom designed lightning connector snugly fits your phone.

Just push.

Lightning Connector

Protect your phone's internal battery.

Lithium-ion batteries degrade as you use them. After 300 charge cycles, your iPhone battery will be at 80% capacity.

CoBattery takes this wear and tear instead of your iPhone battery.

battery-capacity-graph Created with Sketch. Without CoBattery With CoBattery 1 year 2 years 60% 80% 100% iPhone Battery Capacity

Try freedom, free.

Explore your city. Check out a new bar. Go camping. Play 20 straight hours of Angry Birds.

Can't handle the adventure? Send CoBattery back for a full refund.


The CoBattery kit comes with a case, two batteries, and a charging dock for only $79.